How Clinix Boosted Productivity and Flexibility at Spectrum Billing Technologies

When Spectrum Billing Technologies discovered its medical software provider was sunsetting the technology being used by the company, the search began for a better partner and better system to put in place. After meeting with a couple of potential providers, Spectrum reached out to Clinix.

“We found Clinix to be very refreshing, and it went very well right from the start,” said Spectrum principal and co-owner Roger Plue. “We felt like it was a perfect fit from day one.”

Although Spectrum had been relatively satisfied with its previous software, there was an immediate difference for the better when they switched to Clinix. The Clinix user interface was more modern and intuitive, and the software added new levels of connectivity with EHR systems.

One major advantage was the Clinix software architecture, which was designed to manage billing for enterprises with many different clinics and tax ID numbers. Another was the incredibly sophisticated reporting system that generates multiple reports based on the unique demands of each client.

“The flexibility and scope of the Clinix software allows us to accommodate even the most extreme reporting demands,” said Spectrum principal and co-owner Gloria Schwerin.

One of the most important benefits of Clinix technology is interconnectivity with major payer organizations, including Medicare and other government agencies. Spectrum can now post electronically to the payer’s system, speeding up the billing cycle and reducing the number of man-hours required by its staff. Productivity is up significantly since the Clinix software was activated.

“Our people are able to do more work in less time, which not only reduces expenses but also improves our capacity for growth and new clients,” said Schwerin.

The transition to Clinix took place at the start of 2009. Spectrum planned a gradual rollout over several months, but the boost in productivity was so immediate that the company was instantly achieving faster, better service for each client the moment it switched to Clinix software. As a result, Spectrum decided to greatly accelerate its timeline and deploy the Clinix software across the rest of its client base at one time.

“The installation and transition went extremely well,” said Schwerin. “It was incredibly easy, even with the accelerated rollout.”

After four years, the enthusiasm of Spectrum Clinix remains constant. With a dedicated account representative serving as their point of contact, Spectrum gets answers to its customer service questions in minutes, not days, even with complex programming requests.

“I kept waiting for the ‘honeymoon’ to end, but we have the same service today as when we bought the system,” said Plue. “I’ve been in this business my entire career, and I’ve never had the privilege to work with a service provider like this before now.”

With Clinix as a medical software partner, Spectrum has achieved substantial growth of 20 to 45 percent each year since the transition at the start of 2009. This growth has come organically as existing clients expand their relationship with Spectrum and via the acquisition of new clients. At the same time, Clinix software has helped Spectrum enhance its productivity, capacity, flexibility, responsiveness, and customer satisfaction.

“I love to brag about Clinix,” said Plue. “They haven’t let us down once.”

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